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The Token for Mobile Access

Initial Coin Offering Launches October 5th

Unlocking mobile internet through a blockchain micro-spotting and advertising system.

Mobile internet affordability and mobile capital accessibility are the main prohibitors for users to have unfettered internet usage.

Centralized big telcos, big banks and governments make it unfeasible for users in emerging markets to create capital and have access. In fact, the poor end up paying more for banking and telco access than the rich.

AirFox is solving the Mobile Dead Capital problem to unlock mobile accessibility for the underserved.

AirFox’s solution harnesses the decentralized power of the Ethereum blockchain and advertising to give users “AirTokens”, a new crypto-currency redeemable for mobile data, and eventually physical and digital goods. Users can then establish credit history through their opted-in device data and advertising behavior, enabling AirFox to fund spots via the AirTokens to any person with a smart phone.

AirFox is already integrated with hundreds of wireless carriers buying mobile data in bulk in order to have economies of scale.
  Carrier Coverage Spreadsheet

AirFox will replace the current mobile ecosystem with a more efficient, decentralized mobile ecosystem that is encompassed around the AirToken, a decentralized blockchain technology, that enables more efficient communication and transactions between the wireless carriers, publishers, advertisers, and mobile users.

5.5 billion

emerging market consumers by 2020;

4 billion


2 billion


1.8 billion

workers on shadow economy;

$ 10 trillion USD

yearly un-ledgered underground economy;


of mobile subscribers are prepaid;

20 hours of work

= 500MB of access


"AirFox wants to make the mobile internet more affordable and accessible to more people."

How it Works

The AirToken is a new Ethereum ERC20 token that unlocks free mobile internet through advertising and spot rewards. Users can earn AirTokens by opting into advertisements and claiming spots, redeemable for mobile data recharges across 500 wireless carriers.


Users will receive AirToken rewards for opt-in advertising (instead of the ads being an invisible burden on their data) and spots of AirTokens based on our internal AirFox user “credit-score.”


AirFox will programmatically buy airtime and data in bulk from carriers. Carriers want to maximize spectrum and data usage from subscribers in order to maximize revenue.


Publishers will have higher monetization, new user reach, and a better user experience. Publishers can implement our AirToken reward, spot, and advertising system to enable higher user output.


Phase 1

The first phase will enable users to earn free AirTokens via advertising for mobile recharges across 500 wireless carriers. Users can earn AirTokens via the Android AirFox Browser.

Phase 2

The second phase is enabling qualified users to redeem spots of AirTokens by collaterizing their prepaid account balance and using our AirFox internal user scoring algorithm. We will also expand the use of AirTokens for items outside of mobile recharges.

Users will be able to redeem spots of AirTokens for physical and digital products across our ecosystem.
Q1 2018

Phase 3

The third phase is extending the use of AirTokens and our advertising / spot blockchain system outside of our own applications and across a direct network of publishers and advertisers.

Publishers and advertisers can reward their users with AirTokens via advertising "moments" and use our spotting system to provide capital for in-app purchases. This will be provided via an API and SDK that publishers can integrate into their applications and websites.
Q3 2018

AirToken Whitepapers

Decentralized AirToken Spot Platform Whitepaper

Our Investors

AirFox Management Team

Victor Santos

Victor Santos

Co-Founder, CEO

Victor is an ex-Googler, UC Berkeley alum, and telecom entrepreneur. He began working with VoIP at iWorldServices, opening their LatAM division, then co-founded Ciao Telecom where he launched a platform for VoIP entrepreneurs and an advertising-based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). After growing Ciao Telecom to double digits million in revenue, he joined Google working on product and marketing for AdWords agencies program.

James Seibel

James Seibel


James is formerly a Software Architect at Lola Travel (founded by Kayak co-founder), Head of Engineering at Apperian (acquired by Arxan Technologies), MS and BA in Computer Science from Boston University. James has architected and developed a range of technologies, including mobile app hardening using algorithms to rewrite compiled application binaries to automatically add crypto for US and German governments. James is a blockchain engineer and Ethereum contract author.

Emanuel Moecklin

Emanuel Moecklin

Chief Software Architect

Emanuel is formerly a mobile technology entrepreneur with 1gravity (founder and CEO) and software architect/manager at PostFinance. Emanuel has architected, designed and built large-scale transaction systems for the biggest payment processor in Switzerland and has worked in numerous big software projects across the globe for the management consulting business unit of PricewaterhouseCoopers. He’s an expert in mobile advertising and the mobile development wizard of AirFox responsible for designing and implementing the AirFox mobile client architecture.

Christine To

Director of Business Operations

Christine is formerly a business strategy & operations consultant at Ericsson, UC Berkeley alum, and business development/sales professional. She began her telecom career working at Ericsson in the US consulting tier 1 telecom operators. After years of outstanding performance, she was one of four (and the only female) chosen from the US and Canada to build Ericsson’s business strategy consulting unit in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Prior to Ericsson, Christine held sales and finance roles at various firms such as Cisco, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker Commercial, and late stage venture debt fund, Gold Hill Capital.

Tiago Passinato

Tiago Passinato

Principal Software Engineer

Tiago is formerly a long time entrepreneur and consultant in software development and infosec. He worked with highly regulated industries in Brazil and US, including government offices and international logistic companies, architecting server infrastructure and full-stack projects. Tiago was a senior engineer and architect at Ciao Telecom and various start-ups working with AdTech and telecom infrastructure. He has been working with Airfox since its inception as a co-founding team-member responsible for architecting the platform to scale to millions of users.

Our Advisors

Sara Choi

Co-Founder @ AirFox

Jennifer Lum

Co-Founder @ Forge.Ai and Co-Founder @ Adelphic Mobile

Semyon Dukach

Managing Partner @ One Way Ventures

Bob Mason

Co-Founder/CTO @ Brightcove and Soft. Architect @ ATG

Amy Spurling

Ex- COO & CFO @ Jana

Wan Li Zhu

VC @ Fairhaven Capital

Steven Lee

Previously CTO @ Tremor Video and Co-Founder ScanScout

Ben Perry

SVP of Monetization @ MocoSpace

Peter Kavounas

CCO @ Cloud Strategix
Ex Tech Attorney @ CFTC

Token Sale Advisors

New Alchemy

Blockchain Advisor

Komodo Tech

Big Data Partner

Goodwin Procter

Token Sale Terms

Max Cap on crowdsale: $15 million

  • 50% Current and New Engineering Team
  • 20% Sales & Marketing
  • 13% Bulk Data Purchases
  • 12% Administration & Legal
  • 5% Buffer Reserve
Tokens Breakdown

Token Sale Bonus

  • $0 - $2m   30%
  • $2m - $4m   20%
  • $4m - $8m   10%
  • $8m+   No Bonus
Token Sale Bonus

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